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i'm going to do this in the order it was published because i loved it (also, hella long) and you know i'm so weak for drip-released content. my, my, you've learnt well from SM entertainment, my baby.

zero-ly, i love the way you write. 50 word pages be damned because my cheeks got a cramp from all the smiling-as-i-was-reading, but you're really gifted. and funny and smart. ilu.

firstly, WHAT A MEMORY. yes the concert is great but i MEAN YOURS. gurl you could do a cliffnotes for concerts no lie. i've been lucky enough to watch this concert 5 times but i don't think i have anything CLOSE to your level of recall. i know you ran out of phone memory and were being half-squashed to death so i'm guessing your note-taking faculties were handicapped but i'm blown away at how you remembered even the subtleties. and i love this tour for so many reasons and one of them being the drag and drop and push and pull which is all accomplished in the details and that you nOTICED then rEMEMBERED then fANACCOUNTED THE SHIT OUT OF IT makes me so so so happy (:

And slowly, slowly, a closet obsessive hormonal teenager swallows the cool city girl.
i'd like to think that this is me too. but i'm not even at your level of cool so i think i'm just the dino with the closet teen hormones which is kinda sad. but yes the self-transformation that happens in that darkness surprised me too.

honestly i loved that you realized how the first 6ish minutes is a long-drawn, artful yet sinister masterpiece of teasing. the techno dubstep bit is bloody fantastic (it's so cute that you broke out the gate too crazy and were tired at this part lmao) because it's such a taste and winky promise of the head-banging party that is to come...maybe 20 songs down the line. i LOVE the thought and theatrics that went into this because i find it so. fucking. effective. argh!!!!!! and then when the boys jump off the platform!!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!! hahah in some venues they didn't manage the platform and they come out in overdose cheerleader formation and it's not the same. THAT. PLATFORM. yes they DID look divine. and then you can hear the screams of thousands of nubile voices, all ready to fly into volcanoes for them.

your overdose shell-shock is adorable. when i was reading it, i was like WAKE UP. WAKE UP BABY AND ENJOY IT. overdose baekhyun to me is absolute SIN AND PLEASURE. it never lasts long enough.

but when the performances started I swear to god everyone fucking grew six inches
TELL ME ABOUT IT HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN. how?!?!?! you were really brave (or baek-desperate lol) bc whenever i feel this i straight away scurry to the back because i've never had claustrophobia but i get that feeling it can be developed mid-life.

i'm sad you didn't get el dorado too bc hello, highlight. but really MAMA is not at all a shabby alternative because they stopped doing it for quite a few stops mid-way through the tour and MAMA IS GOLD. it's the tightest the boys ever dance, which must be testament to dancing this song to DEATH when they were tiny wittle trainees. and it's just such an old-school nostalgic look-how-far-we've-come we-were-great-now-we're-gods moment. love it.

I was trying to film a steady shot and sing and wave my light stick and find Baek all at the same time
when we meet, we are literally going to train for this ok. like laps, and rhythm exercises and all that. it's gunna happen.

kai's dancing i feel will forever be under-rated because seeing it live in front of your eyes IS different. i think his artistry comes across on the camera but IN THE FLESH JUST WOW. and not enough people will ever get to see it, even with 25,000 times fuck knows how many days in tokyo dome. not. enough. people. will ever get to see kai dance and that always makes me a little sad. they need to see him in the spotlight. they need to see him in the daylight. just :'''((((

and yes ma'am sehun's body indeed. just. yessss. yes.

my answer... that boring af song that is somehow incredibly transcendental when it's baekhyun and a piano and baekhyun playing the piano and baekhyun playing the piano and singing. this has got to be textbook sap chapter 1 in 506 million cheese academies but. ugly sobbing indeed.
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