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Thank you so much for the taking the time to write something just as long and sprawling as my post. Reading long comments are really one of the better pleasures in life. You gave me the same fluttery feelings as I powered through yours. And if you want to call my poor time management skills, “drip-release content”, sure, I’ll take it, baby.

You actually reminded me of a piece that I forgot to write—an analysis of the concert set-list—so I sudden-secret-drip-released content again. It’s HERE ( now! (I’m really curious about your opinion on it because my analysis is Level 1 Noob and you’re Level 5 Pro.) I think the Opening impressed me enough that I knew this was going to be something special, so I actively tried to memorize everything about the concert to save and pull out later. But yes, the concert’s ebb and flow was really magical and powerful enough to make me notice it through all my silliness. Once I realized it, the concert became more fun because I kept trying to analyze their song choices and decode the direction the concert was going. This is NOT what a normal person does in the midst of standing in front of eight handsome boys. This is why I swear I’m asexual.

I’m not really that cool either and (baby) dinos are hella cute! But yes, this monster that escaped from me was a bit alarming, just ripped right out of me like angry Hulk.

Oh the beginning is so, so torturous! I strongly commend the artistry that went into building up tension in a natural way. I really enjoyed the operatic chant they composed. I wished they used it a bit more! And the final moments, where all the hype builds up into the two panels sliding in silence in front of a white glow. UGH BEAUTIFUL. Feels sacred, feels like we are going to be graced by a holy divinity. Tbh, I didn’t see the platform from where I was, so I didn’t notice their jump. I just saw their figures standing there, but the screams following their reveal were unforgettable.

and then you can hear the screams of thousands of nubile voices, all ready to fly into volcanoes for them.
Haha, that is an amazing line but very much the truth

Overdose Baek is by far my favorite Baek from all the eras—so dark and beautiful. I wished they slowed it down to a quarter-speed so I’d have enough time to ogle at him without missing everything else. The only thing I remember from that song was WOW SHINY REAL MOVING

you were really brave (or baek-desperate lol)
It is most definitely the latter. Baek is like breathing and gets even worse when he’s fucking breathing in front of me. Maybe the next time, I might flee to the back in favor of comfort over slim but possible member interaction—NAH WHO AM I KIDDING I’ll likely suffer through it all again for him. I’d give the entire world and more for him.

…but i get that feeling it can be developed mid-life.
If you are already at mid-life, then what does that make me? TT I did consider retreating before the concert started when I saw others do the same but the teenager in me kept pushing me forward towards the stage.

Seeing El Dorado should be a bucket list item for me. I think I might just cry when I hear Baek’s notes live. Yes, the MAMA performance was so polished and completely different from their debut stage, and I was such a proud mamabird during that song.
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