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when we meet, we are literally going to train for this ok. like laps, and rhythm exercises and all that. it's gunna happen.
LOL ily I’m totally up for this but realistically, we might be at it for all but ten minutes before we flop onto one of our beds and start giggling at and cooing over Baek pics together.

and not enough people will ever get to see it, even with 25,000 times fuck knows how many days in tokyo dome. not. enough. people. will ever get to see kai dance and that always makes me a little sad.
Kai’s dancing is so special. AMEN SISTA to everything you said. You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen Kai dance in person. It’s truly that extraordinary. It feels like entering a whole new world or discovering another dimension. Watching him blows my mind because fuckkk I never knew a body could stir so many emotions in me through movement alone. Petitioning for a solo dance concert!!

Now diving all the way down the sophistication ladder. YES SEHUN’S BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. I physically want it for myself. As in, I want his body proportions, and not taking a roll with him…but I mean, if he personally offers, then may—OKAY I’M GOING TO SHUT UP NOW moving onnn

Baek’s voice adds the appeal to My Answer. Honestly, if it were just DO and Suho (and even Chen if he replaced Baek), it would be such a snoozefest. I probably listen to it once through and never touch it again. But it’s really the snippets of Baek that carry me through the song and roped me in for seconds. He brings the refreshing color to what is otherwise a very vanilla song.

Also his piano playing is just UGH HIS FUCKING FINGERS ARE SO LONG AND BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT AND THEY’RE ABSOLUTELY KILLER DANCING ACROSS THE KEYS LIKE THAT and they make me think about all the other things his fingers would look so amazing doing…touching…gripping…ghosting across…

Bucheon is such a great performer though. I was really impressed the first I saw the stage with his piano solo. I could hardly believe it was him. He looked so mature and completely immersed himself into the concept. I don’t think he’s naturally romantic but he sure pulled it off brilliantly and made me believe his serenade when I think irl, he may only be able to go for thirty seconds before keysmashing and leaping away from the bench to cover up his own embarrassment.
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