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We had just a puny five-step bleacher looking thing, so there wasn’t anything too theatrical about it. It just looked like they were short of funds and that was the best they could scrap together (which I know isn’t the reason but). I couldn’t see them well enough to decipher who was what, so unfortunately, the effect of the entire set was lost on me.

i'm amazed you had water bottle elves in the crowd during the elf vc
The funny thing is, the security people also had water bottles they used to spray us with and after they used up half the bottle dousing us, they’d give away the remaining half. Many people in the front got free water from them instead of the elves.

If they’re not going to rewards us with nip slips, they should have at least kept on the backlights the whole time, so we could have watched the entire undressing process, even if it were just shadows. Cockblocking (literally?) is not cool, man.

i SWEAR for some reason i always have a lot of eye contact with jm and i'm like HOW because i'm always staring at baekhyun
LOL MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. I am so desperate for Baek but how does Suho always find me? I totally agree with you. Eye contact with Suho somehow feels like all my sins have been repented. He is purity.

Chanyeol says a lot of things that make me cringe because the majority of us are old enough to know that it’s all bs, but anyway, it’s fun…laughing at his expense…

I laughed so hard at this.
I laughed so hard that you laughed so hard. You are so intelligent to pick up my underlying thoughts. I won’t comment more for fear his guardian will strike me down with lightning. …Okay I can’t help it…I must say something. I was so completely disappointed that Baek was not in front of me, because I listened to his part so so so many times and it wooed me to him (and the band) and he wasn’t facing me that one time I could hear it live. I think I was so frustrated at that time, I could have just stood there and picked at my nails the entire time out of spite. huhu

MID was the first EXO song i ever heard and when baekhyun started his baek magic on me. he always sounds GREAT i think he's practiced this one on his own a lot.
MiD buddies!! I haven’t encountered too many of our species floating around. I was randomly flipping through a Kpop Top 20 list when I heard a clip of this one and it sucked me right in and well, the rest is history (Listen, 느낄 수 있니?). His voice is so stable now, and I’m so amazed by how much he’s improved. He can carry this entire song and really the majority of the other songs when sung live. I love my hardworking baby so, so much.

lol my love you are so hard on the nyc crowd
I’m a high expectations kinda gal. Go big or go home. If you’re going to do something, do it right. Don’t waste anyone’s time and half-ass it.

I am so old, I had to google “thots” because I really had never encountered it before. I am usually stupidly responsible, but I would totally get wasted, blackout, and wake up in a dumpster for them.

because it's drops to something more manageable when they start singing the verse but yes this buildup is really fucking excellent. and yes it's pure rainbow euphoria at this point. endorphin at max levels and heightened by how pure it feels.
YESSSS you’ve described this perfectly. Once they started singing, it gave me something recognizable to hold onto and a commonality to share with EXO. We could now all unite through shared lyrics and song, which ultimately built up to that beautiful, beautiful moment.

you guys didn't get any dubstep intro???
We did! It’s the first paragraph under Growl. I think I might have called it “intro remix” which may have confused you (I’ve since changed it).
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