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growl charm is something else.
I have a such a weird love for schoolday-era things with the cute uniforms and homeroom classes. I think it’s because I never had it growing up, but it gets me so hard. And with Baek…just here, take everything Baek. TAKE IT

they were already beyond exhausted (especially Jongin)
I almost wish I had trained my eyes on him during the previous songs instead, so I get a completely saturated dosage of Kai. I will never tire of it.

this makes me cry cry cry. one of my biggest prayers is that baekhyun loves his job for as long as possible. because he works so hard at it. i want him to feel intrinsically rewarded no matter what i pray pray pray songs like these do it for him.
You are such an angel for wishing this for him. I completely echo your thoughts but I can’t say it as elegantly. There are so many obstacles he’s had to overcome and I hope he’s not just there because of the contract and that he’s already too far in to back out now. I hope he derives some joy from this path he’s chosen that’s completely changed his life. I really don’t want him to regret it because there’s no going back. I think he’s matured enough to be able to appreciate and make the best out of it as is, but I want him to be truly happy. That is the most fundamental law of nature: Baekhyun must be happy.

baekhyun has his own brand of fanservice. it's beautiful. really really sincere and really young and beautiful.
It’s so pure, and it makes me want to cry because I don’t understand how he could have so much forgiveness in him. Despite all the disgraceful things we’ve put him through, he comes back to us, gives us all the benefit of the doubt and embraces us fully. He still treats us all with respect by recognizing that we’re all individuals, which is so meaningful because most of the times, I feel so insignificant in fandom (see lamentation in Final Thoughts lol).

he's the WORST. the absolute WORST.
Sometimes, he does things that destroy us that he doesn’t realize. Most of the time, he does things that destroy us purposefully. I wonder what kind of sick schadenfreuden pleasure he gets from torturing us, that little freak JUST KIDDING I ABSOLUTELY LOVE-HATE IT PLEASE CONTINUE BABY

Can you imagine if Baek was actually the maknae? That would be absolutely lethal. Also absolutely hilarious because I can’t wait for his dongsaengs to now finally band together and give him a piece of their mind hahahaha I need to see this. They’d probably hold him down and tickle him until he cries and draw on his face when he whimpers in his sleep

i could repeat this ad nauseam. then take some of my cancer anti-emetics and repeat.
He is the unsung hero in all this. Really the mother in every sense of the word. Does so much but always underappreciated and never complains because he feels it’s his duty and to take care of everyone without seeking anything in return. He’s respected and I’m sure EXO treats him well, but he likely yearns for the same level of doting that occurs for some of the other members. He may never admit to this and may only gracefully take in what’s given, but he so completely deserves more recognition. He’s an absolute saint, that selfless bastard.
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