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his voice has always jumped out at me and called me to be his fan and his fan forever.
MiD sucked me in because the harmony was so pretty and but between the three singers, Baek’s voice felt so special. It’s not as rich and smooth as DO’s nor clear and ringing as Chen’s, which are the more traditionally favored tones. He’s the more interesting blend of the two with a dash of raspy intrigue.

Thinking about this gifted singer and his friend, the dancer sweeping us off our feet in his billowy white shirt, I’ve realized that I’m so drawn to them both because of their performance style. Apart from Baek and Kai’s raw talent and skill, their stage presence creates a similar aura—there’s a depth to their serenity. Baek’s voice stands out against others because it sounds breathtakingly angelic but heartbreaking. Kai is the same. He moves in whimsy but it feels propelled by something tragic.

makes me feel like the (sometimes embarrassing) amount of money i spend on catching a concert is totally utterly worth it. i feel like they really get it right. concerts can be this uplifting and positive and wonderful and empowering
Yes, this concert was so much more than a musical performance. There was a spiritual and emotional aspect to it. The directors are really so talented and brilliant to design it with the (obsessive) fan love in mind and leverage it to heighten the atmosphere. It was such an exhilarating experience on so many different levels.
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