([identity profile] wrote on April 17th, 2016 at 05:25 am
i'm really inflexible and i said i would reply in the order they were published i just CAN'T not do it. this will be the death of me one day.

I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU CRAIGSLISTED YOUR WAY BACK TO BREAKEVEN AFTER SELLING THOSE TICKETS AT A LOSS. firstly, who the fuck does that and secondly, wow should i maybe think about trading this way? lmao. there is a sense of discipline to it but its insane. in a really interesting self-regulating way. when i sell below purchase price the next thing i do is try to forget it ASAP. you are amazing.

i 100% know how it sucks away the excitement of the concert though. like i told you, i did the exact same greedy-curious dance and found myself $900 in the hole with 3 extra tickets for the singapore concerts. i took a week to sell all 3 at an eventual $10 net loss but that week was so very un-fun i questioned everything - my sanity, my overpriced education, my family honor, the very fiber of my identity yknow that stuff. we are so sad. are we sad? we are so sad.

i'd like to think i learnt my lesson. i've been straight up scammed over EXO before and I SURE AS FUCK do not want that to happen again. but this whole buy-extra-tix-to-get-the-best-seats thing...idk if $10 hurt me good enough to be smarter the next time.

your korean lunch sounded amazing. i love a girl who eats well. we must eat together <3

a light bone white button down with a deep navy accented collar and cuffs, along with some black ripped jeans (100 points for Gryffindor if you can spot the stage set inspiration).
firstly, CUTE outfit! sounds like what i would wear if i don't anticipate sweating half my body weight in perspiration in tropical heat. which i do, so i always do shorts lmao. secondly, uhmmm the overdose... asylum... ja..ckets? (please professor mcgonagall!!!)

deep crimson raincoat.
i have you pictured in a vogue photoshoot and baby you are working it!

I could have shown up in the morning and wasted (sorry that "waste" is not the nicest term, but I feel that way quite frankly) away entirely too many hours of my life to guarantee a relatively good spot, but nothing would have willed me to get there that early. (I'm starting to realize that I'm not as passionate a fan as I'd like to be...)
going to a concert any more than an hour before the time printed on the ticket irks me SO MUCH. i cannot for the life of me understand the 70% of people who show up in the a.m. for merch and 9 hours of sitting around fanning themselves with their bias' chibi head it just BOTHERS ME. i have a LIFE! basically i feel you.
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