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i'm curious what was the title of the book were you reading on the train? :)

and oh baby my heart went out to you with all that lightstick drama! i almost didn't make it with a lightstick the first time i did an exoluxion and i was hydraulic press crushed. but thank God for cheap asian knock-off's lurking round the corner!!!! gotta love bangkok.

Seriously though, question for the ages, what would do you in that situation?
i left the line and deposited my ipad at the camera drop (no screens larger than 7 inches allowed). lol. for a moment i was upset and went to the bathroom and tried to stuff it under my shirt but security was doing very intrusive borderline-illegal pat-down's so i gave up. but yes i guess i am pretty chill about being four metres away from baekhyun as opposed to one. you may revoke my stan card.

It was definitely a conversation started the next day... "hey, whose extension number did you pick up over the weekend?" LMAO NO, thank god no one asked that. I did, however, receive compliments on my nails and husky post-concert voice. AND I walked around that Monday with a slight limp in my step from soreness. It looked like I got fucked up real nice Sunday night, which I EIGHT GODS...COUNT 'EM!)
favorite paragraph in the pre-game.

5% guys
this is really interesting and i wonder if it's a US thing. i truly hardly EVER see guys at exo concerts so i would put it at 1%. i saw one dad in bangkok and 2 ladymen. a couple of accompanying, long-suffering boyfriends in singapore. i don't recall seeing ANY in hong kong or tokyo. maybe for the night EXO are the only males i have eyes for.

the air in a concert venue really feels different (: rarefied maybe for real because they may have played a little fast and loose with capacity constraints and the fire code. but there really is something about the excitement and you can taste the shift in the atmosphere once you walk in (: i love it.

Armed with my lightstick, my arm, no my entire body now feels complete, and there's no more nagging worries on my mind and I can finally relax, which means....trip to the bathroom! I do my business (#1 if you were ACTUALLY curious ahem) and I'm about to wash my hands when I suddenly hear a collective roar of screams and I'm like LOL FUCK SANITATION and I sprint out the bathroom door without washing my hands. (If you want to un-friend me now, I understand.)
second favorite paragraph. and we are still friends i love you.

They were such babies in the vid and then they come out to perform Overdose with so much masculine charm.
THIS. i LOVE IT. SERIOUSLY THIS CONTRAST and appreciating the front and back of a coin is what makes being an overinvolved fan more fun than being a casual fan. there are lines and distinctions that shouldn't ever be crossed and i am a fan of a lot of things but EXO i'm particularly in hook line and sinker because seeing everything (well whatever they themselves are willing to show) about these boys on- and off- stage just synergistically makes everything better.
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