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Oh I feel ya. My stubbornness is such a fucking nuisance. Some things I promise to people even very casually or just in passing, I take very seriously and hold myself to them, even if the other party doesn’t care or has already forgotten about it. BUT I HAVE TO DO AS I SAY BECAUSE IDK MAYBE THE WORLD WILL SPLIT IN HALF IF I DON’T. If you cure it, please kindly cure me to. I will pay USD

If I didn’t take such sharp losses on the tickets, like $50 instead of a $300 discount, then maybe I could live with myself but with things in the hundreds, no can do. Plus, I’m 100% certified organic GMO-free nuts, so don’t bother trying to logically figure me out.

You know, I was totally tempted to buy that GA3 ticket and try to pawn off my GA5 as well. In which case, I would’ve been in the same financial hole as you. It’s amazing you were able to sell them all at nearly full price. I think don’t think my anxiety would have held up, waiting for people to bite at full price, instead of guaranteeing interest at a lower one. Either way, I am not particularly proud of this short-lived career in ticket sales because the entire thing pretty much went against all the intelligence and common sense I pride myself on.

We should cook up a storm and then eat and then go out and eat some more and come back and talk about the food over some more food.

i love a girl who eats well.
Also, you sound like one of those guys who pretend they like healthy-looking women just to make us feel less shameful and get in our pants but secretly want a stick figure lady BUT good thing you’re not one of those idk why I just said that insecurities I suppose. ok, next…

Haha, lucky…I forgot what wearing shorts feels like. The last time was maybe 8 months ago. Also because I hate shaving so I’d just rather wear pants and not deal with pretending to be lady-like. Because why can’t we have stubble when guys do wtf SEXISMMMM!!!! SCREAMINGGG

The outfit was actually inspired by the Don’t Go stage…:( I guess that means 100 points for Slytherin or maybe Hufflepuff because I am a total cowardly vanilla bean and that would totally be my house if I were to enroll. I WAS thinking of wearing my asylum clothes—ugh fuck I LOVE silhouette it creates with the volume on the top contrasted with the fitted pants below—but I was afraid I’d be too cold. LOL me talking about being cold and you’re in shorts.

As a side note, I am so in love with EXO’s styling and I draw so much inspiration from their fashion. Effortless but interesting and on point. I WANT IT ALLLL fuckk now you make me want to write a post about my favorite EXO outfits please contain me and tell me not to do it

i have a LIFE! basically i feel you.
THANK YOU for agreeing. It may not feel like much to you but it really means a lot hearing someone saying the same. The last thing I want to do is to offend someone for their beliefs and I KNOW a lot of people who would give so much of their time for the concert. I don’t want to downplay their dedication at all. I just have a life and EXO really comprises such a small (if not disposable) portion of it.
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