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The book is called God Has No Grandchildren ( by Kim Gyeong-uk. If you are remotely interested in the book or the series it’s in, The Library of Korean Literature, I am literally (both literally AND figuratively? Hmm it is unreal how bemused I am by this grammar setup TT ) bursting at the seams to tell you. I am happy to make recommendations if by some impossibility you are interested.

After all the turmoil for that lightstick, I am guarding it like my baby now, like something I stole from El Dorado. Sometimes, I turn it on and just gaze at it and reminisce and smile, all in a very pitiful way. I’m so happy I was finally able to get my hands on it because I really can’t imagine how torn up I’d be if I saw the concert without it. Thank all the deities in the world for coming together and giving me a second chance, even though it was completely my fault the first time.

You know I totally would’ve tried the bathroom thing and then get caught and kicked out and tried to argue my way back in like a bitchface self-entitled New Yorker. But nah, I get you wanting some space. Being able to breathe and actually living is a credible reason to stay back. Won’t be able to see Baek anymore if you’ve fainted, right? If you’ve stood by me for germy peepee hands, how can I revoke your stan card???

My co-workers can go suck something because Sunday night was mind-blowing, orgasmic, euphoric, black-out, white-out, stars in my eyes, emotional, transcendent, beautiful, soft, hard, hot, steamy, wet, sticky, sore, bruised, aching. (I SWEAR my night job is not writing erotica!!!!!!!!!)

Last thing I want to do is generalize, but I suppose people here are more open and proud of who they are and don't worry as much about breaking the status quo…especially since this country is (supposedly) anchored on the communion of diversity. I have no idea how much EXO permeates into your society, but no civilian here knows shit about EXO, so there’s no connation to saying you’re going, whether guy or girl. And the only ones who would know are those you follow Kpop which is such a minority, there's very little effect. There’s no “shame” to be a guy at a concert. To the general population telling someone you’re going to an EXO concert, a concert to hear a Korean band, seems like a worldly thing to do when LMAO this is the last thing from an intellectual exercise (apart from all these pages no one asked me to write). I’m proud of the guys there. I’d love love love to see more! There were some parents following accompanying their child, but I didn’t see any unwilling boyfriends here. I suppose people aren’t really that clingy here and expect to live individual lives.

Yeah, the atmosphere is really magical. The quiet energy and anticipation created something that felt so fragile and sacred. It feels even more tremendous that there are thousands gathered with you.

thank you for loving me. let's hold hands now? ;D

YESSSSS maybe I'm tainted by my rose-color glasses but I really find them such an interesting bunch of kids. Even though SM has constructed many of their public-facing personalities, I still think they've had a surprising amount of leeway with being themselves "off-stage" (not on the performing but cameras are still rolling) compared to their predecessors. And it's so amusing that the majority of them are complete opposites of the stage personas. It makes them so real and so human and so less manufactured. Also a plus is that now that they're established, they'll be able to further shed some of the signature SM-style boyband member tropes and pursue things that appeal to them individually. I hope they'll have more chances to branch out to grow and enrich themselves personally and professionally (wow that sounded soooo HR)
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