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ok this one is hella deep baby. you put everything really eloquently and i'm tired so... *waves cancer card weakly.

EXO performed a grueling 3+hour concert set almost 50 times over the course of 2015-2016, and if we were to talk about how they did show to show, nothing made things more obvious than the ments during EXO'luXion [dot] in seoul at the end of it all. they were tired but chatty, ridiculous, funny, at ease, kings in their country. language and culture are huge insurmountable barriers. a tour show is never like a home show. even in asia there's still a gulf between non-seoul and seoul experiences. but i think it's AMAZING actually, how the experience, even if watered down and lost in translation, ever made it out of south korea. that people like you and me even know these boys and became friends because of them, how to fanchant with them, wondering whether that korean chick with that leviathan camera might be a "well-known fansite" - how would that label even make sense to a non-fan? it's the power of globalization, the internet, hallyu, and yes, SM's cultural technology in action. quite a thing of beauty imo.

and the things we all have in common: love for the boys, and vitriol for local concert promoters. hah.

i think there's something to be said about concerts in big cities, or at least i have a theory, hearkening to your cool city girl comment. the best crowds i've ever been a part of are at small venues and second-tier locales. a bit bumpkin, county fair hoedown so to speak. where people come with friends, make new ones, and are utterly prepared to be unashamed. no embarrassment or "huh who? me?" when security requests that you take a step back for the good of well, everyone. cities make us cool in multiple senses of the word, and less like family. when i saw adele in london a few weeks ago she said that manchester gave her the best "someone like you" sing-along ever. i had a great time but london was meh. a little bit too diverse and detached for everyone to be caught up in collective rapture start to finish. maybe that's what you felt in new york? the city of cities.

Sehun...Chanyeol Kai...Xumin Suho...Chen Baekhyun Lay...DO
verrrrrrry interesting. didn't MMT actually do a member popularity ranking city by city? mama bear raises eyebrows at baekhyun not being in top 3. my boy is top 3 anywhere in this fucking universe. lol. i am surprised though. it's usually sechanbaek somewhere near the top and suchen (sorry babies you kNOW we love you) near the bottom. baeklaysoo?? VERY interesting.

I didn't know it was possible to love him anymore, but he's proven me wrong again, as he does every time I think I've hit my Baek-love capacity.
yupyupyupyupyupyupyupyupyupyup puppuppuppuppuppup

as for the last, more personal part of your thought catalog, it was too beautiful and intimate for me to respond with my own cheap words. i just want to nod and hug you. here is your PhD. you taught me about yourself, your heart, your mind. and to do that takes an openness and generosity that is the furthest and yet nearest to the selfish cathartic fanlove we berate ourselves for pushing on baekhyun.

once more, thank you for sharing. i loved reading every bit of it. and will read it again.
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