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lol your cancer card. please know that i will still accept it even when you're cancer-free!

I used to wish I could attend the Seoul one to see them at 100% but now, I honestly don't think I could handle it. The fans there will be P-A-S-S-I-O-N-A-T-E and there's absolutely no way I would be able to survive the pit there, nor the stands. Probably not even survive the waiting line outside. I will just hold onto and savor these mediocre feelings in my mediocre life.

Yeah, it's incredible that they've been able to make a footprint in other countries where there is so little marketing (at least in US). And it's all through "free" internet and their foreign customers are self-selected to be devoted and loyal. What an amazing strategy

It's amazing how powerful our love is and how it can drive us to do so many things (for better or for worse).

YES, I completely agree to your city comment. There were a lot of outsiders that day too, and I didn't want to overgeneralize by bucketing them together with us (ugh, I am such an elitst). But it's true when I think about it. Even if there were non-local people there, the majority of us were. And out of two people, once one person becomes cold, the other person is helpless but to close themselves off as well and then it just trickles down, until even if you wanted to be happyface puppy, everyone is angry mopey Eeyore and you can't really be puppy by yourself. It's sad that we couldn't unite for EXO and express and share feelings that would occur with normal human beings who are actually willing to let their guard down :(

the city of cities
I have no idea why I take so much pride in you calling us assholes. Actually, I do know why and it's not just me. Everyone here loves being called a heartless bitch over anything nice.

In terms of ranking, maybe my perception is slightly skewed because I was standing beside some very passionate Suho and Chen fans but I watched another fan vid ( from a slightly more holistic angle (somewhere in the stands), and I still stand by this ranking.

SeChanKai I expected to be popular, but it seems like apart from the traditionally handsome ones, most of the people in the crowd went for the lovable underdogs--like Suho, Chen, and Xiumin. Lay was cheered for so loudly, louder than anyone else in his video appearances. Poor DO, he's just...there :( I'm disappointed Baek didn't get nearly as much love. I also thought he was going to be in top 3. He's closer to the middle three, but I ranked him slightly lower because I never felt that surge of energy when he was spotlighted compared to XiuSuChen (this portmanteaus are so confusing to create...). It could have also been because I wasn't sitting on the Baek-side of the stage and those middle three's instead. But apart from that, I also didn't see that many of his fan signs while waiting in the lines. Also I am inherently biased because he deserves the world so everything will always feel subpar.

openness and generosity that is the furthest and yet nearest to the selfish cathartic fanlove
Yes, this is so exquisitely put. Went in all for me but came out with so many others

Thank you thank you thank for reading and commenting on every bit. I really can't thank you enough for having this dialogue with me. You've made it worth all the struggle to untangle my thoughts and slave through articulating it. Because you are always worth it! ♥
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