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i don't want to say this so often to the point of making it trite but it MUST be said that this is amazing and you are amazing. fandom is not a fan of thinking, which may be a harsh way of putting it but it's what i feel. to read something like this is so gratifying for me. and fun. so thank you.

your post is so great i wish other people did this for other concerts so i could compare them!! i wish i had your incredible memory to draw some comparisons with the first tour!! but compared to you we are all worms!!!!!!!!!!!

i LITERALLY, physically slapped my knee laughing when i saw those charts. what is it about our industry and charts?
my eye somehow went straight to futuristic parkour asdfasdfklasdfasd

agree 120% that this concert is well-made. i think the fact that we're histrionic stans has a nice amplification effect on the appeal. but the production quality is top-of-line by any international standard in my humble opinion. i have so much respect for shim jaewon i've tweeted it multiple times. he is a genius.

if there's anything -- and i don't even DARE call this a point of criticism because i'm not worthy -- i have pondered whether the ~room for improvement~ lies in making the concert more appealing to "outsiders" by being more vanilla. stans set ourselves up to intensely enjoy this concert because we have these boys on our minds constantly, but i'm also that insecure stage mom wondering about the net new fans my sons are earning every 10 minutes, and i'm curious how well concerts pay off in that respect. it matters particularly to me because my first EXO concert experience itself (the lost planet singapore in aug 2014) was responsible for kicking my fangirl life into higher gear, because i had such a great time. but that was me, and i wonder if these fabulous concerts ever do the opposite in intimidating someone AWAY from fandom because of how intense and occult it can be. perhaps it's a simple question of taste. perhaps it just is my overwrought insecurity speaking. or both.

They don't recycle classically K-pop boyband concepts, but instead, push the envelope and set trends.
actually, i like EXO for striking an elusive and exciting middle ground between trend-following and trend-setting. i feel that versus the rest of the SM roster, their creative choices are pretty unabashedly mainstream. school uniforms, slouchy hip-pop, sleek suits, dance numbers, R&B souljams, bubblegum ditties, mid-tempo ballads... they've done them all and i don't think there was anything particularly innovative or groundbreaking in the overarching blueprint. in fact, yoo youngjin was a big production force in EXO's early A&R development and he's recognized as a "legend", and like most legends, criticisms about reusing and rehashing his old licks and samples have been lobbied at him too. f(x) and shinee in my mind are the female-male counterparts of the more experimental, kookier artistic streak at SM. but of course, we've all seen the flashes, or rather, generous and luxurious brushstrokes of inspiration when it comes to EXO. the pathcode teasers were brilliant and such a pinnacle, and expensive. the latter part being important because i've seen cynics point to the fat denominator in the EXO ROI to explain EXO's success. that's wonky math if they're not using an economies of scale argument, because the denominator doesn't explain the huge fraction. i think the delicate balance of being fresh yet accessible, intimate yet untouchable, catapulted EXO to record-breaking status.

I already know I'm reading too deeply into this
you are NOT. you are NOT. absolutely not. this was no four-line poem. the production realities that went into this 180-minute opus are incredible and voluminous. thinking about them and appreciating them pays due respect to the sweat blood and tears that went into everything. (/cut to brief mental image of baeksweat and fangirls a little)

i want to send more love to the first chart. i'm pretty sure an energy chart of some form was actually sketched out by the team. maybe not plotted in excel, but some chart that looks something like this, with the same axes, was plotted. i would love to see that one too.
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