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It teases you in with the familiar, keeps you there to settle down and appreciate the depth, rewards you with the powerhouse, and sends you off with the new.
favorite line. summarizing is a difficult skill that requires a ton of thought and sophistication and i think you did it here.

section 1:
[asked and answered]
i wanted to check something with you because we were discussing dubstep intro earlier. i was referring to this:
were you referring to this: instead?

section 2:
agree with you so much. i see ment 1 and don't go as conjoined at the hip, and those two bridge the big opening into a smoother mid-energy passage starting with playboy etc. it's supposed to be a communicative transition where they speak to us and then we sing to them (at least that's my theory). don't go is a crowd favorite for a singalong and is overall so pretty: pretty melody and pretty choreography with a pretty mise en scene. it may not have come across so nicely because EXO are not very good at ments. i've tweeted before that subaek seem to pull disproportionately more than their own weight during ments in terms being entertaining. the other boys are generally catching their breath or being themselves; i.e. i think they turn off a bit. ments are breaks in the energy after all.
as for the logic behind the songs in section 2, i think this part of the concert gives room for the individual charms of the members to blossom more. you had the big communal boyband numbers in section 1, then the pairing off in playboy puts the spotlight on 1-on-1 dynamics instead. shim jaewon said that the pairs choreo was inspired by how the boys fool around with each other during practice. vocal line and the dance line get to do their own thing within the same song in baby don't cry. and then vocal line again (with piano man) in my answer. this reminds me of the solos the boys did in the first tour. they're reincarnated in exoluxion with section 2. energy-wise, the songs are all even-keeled and slicker, which is better suited to these solo-ish performances.

section 3:
i'm weird because i know everybody adores the club section but section 3 really is my favorite. shim jaewon said that "the star" was the transition number that was supposed to represent transportation into the galaxy. there's no title track here but it's mature EXO, and i like mature EXO a LOT. also for the first seoul concerts, this was how they chose to RELEASE these new songs (hurt and exodus), so it was a particularly exciting section for the seoul audience actually. new material! well-tailored suits! so. much. hip. movement.

section 4:
i see section 4 as the karaoke section to maintain that audience connection. these classics are well-suited to getting the audience to sing-along, which we didn't do much of in section 2 or 3. and the boys just get to be cute without much choreography.
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