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section 5:
ah okay. i know people who vilify this bit, where poor valiant suho has to address the awkward obvious that EXO sang about christmas from spring 2015 well into spring 2016, through tropical humidity to punishing desert aridity in open-air stadiums. i appreciate how this part gives me a break because i'm usually exhausted even with what's coming. but it does remind me of something a friend said. she's not an EXO fan, so she asked me how on earth EXO has managed 2 solo concert tours when they have "no discography". that was hyperbole of course, but i do agree that EXO got started on the solo concert trajectory early, relative to their body of work. hell, they even started touring with new songs before they could officially drop an album. many artists go through entire careers without ever doing large chunks of their discography in concert. so perhaps christmas had to be in there or too big a proportion of EXO's music would be missing? i've also wondered if shim jaewon just likes christmas day SOOOO MUCH that it engendered the entire anachronistic theme. first snow and miracles in december, to me, could be repurposed separately into non-christmas settings. as much as i like MID, i don't think it really justifies enforcing year-round christmas for a build-up. in fact, i think they were going for a big drop in energy before unleashing the fire that's in the next section.

section 6:
to me, this whole section is just one big shim jaewon remixing masterpiece. as a huge fan of his mixcloud account (psa: and remixes in general, i ADORE ADORE ADORE what he did. the lost planet spaced out the rearrangements: mama, black pearl, love love love whereas exoluxion just packed everything into a continuous raaaaaaave. there are soooo many little tricks and easter eggs and eargasmic cuts and segues...i think the transition from lotb into run is my favorite. followed by the one into machine. where he slowly cranks up the bpm with the 꼭 알아내겠어 ostinato and it kinda starts with a bass-drum breakdown version of machine and he added these new high rock synth sounds that prep you for the power riffing in drop that. UNGH SO GOOD. i took too long writing this paragraph because i had to go listen to it again.

section 7:
off the chain. just that i'm a huge fan of wolf so i will always bemoan that they took it out towards the end of the tour.

section 8:
so the "sending us off with the new" really only started in 2016. sing for you and unfair were added post the christmas album release. majority of the tour, the set list ended with promise and angel, which is DECIDEDLY more heartwrenching and nostalgic and shoots the energy way up into openly-sobbing-in-public territory where you're utterly spent and dangerously dehydrated after. but it's pretty clear the boys were pretty thirsty for a change after overdoing this whole set and i liked that. i'm not the biggest fan of doing the whole weepy promise sh-bang over and over. because SAY NO TO BAEKTEARS. but imagine it for a moment - the high off sections 6 and 7 into the emotional vomitus of 약속...고마워 미안해 사랑해. infinite ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

your last chart is AMAZEBALLS. baby i only do that shit for my earnings estimates!!!

love you.
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