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Section 1:
Answering once again (for my silent readers):
This is the Psychedilc Intro Remix ( that starts in the Opening of the concert.

This is the Dubstep Intro Remix ( that leads into Growl.

Section 2:
Yeah, the ments are totally the Suho + Baek show. Suho provides the leadership to lead and pace the ment. Baek reads the audience well and provides the ad-hoc entertainment. Everyone else is just wondering what’s for dinner and how many fans they’re going to have to fend off at their hotel tonight.

you had the big communal boyband numbers in section 1, then the pairing off in playboy puts the spotlight on 1-on-1 dynamics instead.
Very keen observation! I never thought of it this way, but it totally makes sense now. Personally, I like it better this way with a grouped talent show rather than individual showcases in the first concert series. It helps keep up the energy since it’s building off fan support from multiple members. The concert doesn’t grind to halt as everyone watches one person and some stages are better than others and some are better performers than others and inherently, there will be crowd favorites and people won’t cheer as loudly for members that aren’t their 1TRULUV(s) and it totally sounds/feels bad and awkward for the less popular ones. /runon sentence all the way to your snazzy apt and wrapping around your head

Section 3:
"the star" was the transition number that was supposed to represent transportation into the galaxy
Again, I haven’t read Jaewon’s comments, yet, but is there also a point where we exit the galaxy, or are we trapped there forever in the EXO labyrinth like real life

Where were we in the previous sections of music? Yes, I’m asking you because you are him. Or at least you are expert enough that I wouldn’t know the difference between you two.

It’s a shame that I couldn’t watch them perform with all the metalwork in place. Maybe that would have elevated my live impression of this section. However, I do remember the first time I saw this in a fancam with the entire set in place and I was really wowed by the level of sophisticated sultry during this section. I never pegged them to go any darker than Overdose, but they did and I couldn't believe how well the boys embraced it. Can you imagine if they were crimson curtains on some of the metal rods and they incorporated moves to play with the fabric as they performed?

Section 4:
Yes, you’ve put it very nicely as a karaoke section. The songs were finally a chance for us to have some dialogue with them and break the fourth wall after being spectators for such a long time. It's such a nice turn of mood after three sections of angsty music.
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