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Section 5:
EXO got started on the solo concert trajectory early, relative to their body of work. hell, they even started touring with new songs before they could officially drop an album.

This is such an amazing insight…and I completely agree. MY criticism of the concert is that they’ve been touring for far too long. The boys are in a band to produce new music, and when they’re on the road for such a long time, it detracts from their time to rehearse and contribute to the album and their personal development in a healthy way. But then again, the ones behind EXO are running this show like a well-oiled machine and they boys are only there as pretty faces who can execute.

Since they’re supposedly members of a musical group, I would like for them to be actually have some kind of influence on what gets incorporated into an album. You know, do things that you would think musicians would do—compose, scribe lyrics, arrange, design album/campaign concept, and even choreograph. Because after all, whatever is produced will be the music that represents EXO’s legacy and it would wonderful for the boys to have some say in what that would be. I know some of them are so musically talented and the band is already so successful, so I really don’t think it would hurt too much to incorporate one or two songs from the members. It can be scrappy compared to the other synth-ed and percussive music, but I want to see their vision. I want their individuality to be expressed. Because fuck, they’re musicians and the only thing I’ve heard is from Lay but he has the China card which is a different story.

Apart from the concert just sapping up their time and energy (and health), it’s becoming more and more obvious that this is just a very, very, very expensive marketing campaign. Especially, when they perform at a city for multiple days with the same music, as if waiting for giving every last person a chance to come, even the average fan or the curious civilian who’s heard literally everyone talk about this EXO band so maybe they’ll go check what the fuss is all about. Most surprising is holding multiple days in cities with a relatively small population. (Or maybe EXO really is that saturated in Asia and I just don’t know.) They’re touring as if they want everyone in the fucking world to see them. It’s not the music that’s selling tickets. It’s the EXO brand name.

I’d like to think that concerts are a way for artists to give back to the fans for their love and support but I can’t help but see just this concert as a major footprint expansion strategy. Even if there are empty seats in the arena, even if they are egregiously overestimating demand, even if some concerts are held at a loss, they still happen. If this all fits into SM's larger plan, then who am I to say no?

as much as i like MID, i don't think it really justifies enforcing year-round christmas for a build-up. in fact, i think they were going for a big drop in energy before unleashing the fire that's in the next section.
I completely agree. Frankly, apart from MiD, I don't really the other songs and MiD could very easily slot into a slower section with a mix of other songs like What If and Sing for You. What If was totally shafted from this concert because can you imagine them performing that in the dark vampy mood of Section 3? FUCKKKK (Okay, now I want to write up my hypothetical EXO set-list, but ugh so much planning and writing...fuckkkkk STOP ME PLEASE).

Section 6:
I absolutely love that you noticed all the musical details as well, and you've definitely caught more details than I have! It's so nice reading your words and reminding me of all those beautiful transitions. After reading your comments, I, too, went back and rewatched it, but I closed it out each time as soon as it reached Run because of all the memories from the confetti explosion, which would make me cry again. I would absolutely love more remix pieces in the concert or as a song in a full or mini-album. When they work, they're absolutely eargasmic. And it so so soooo worked in this section.
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