([identity profile] wrote on April 29th, 2016 at 04:24 am
Section 7:

Yes, I missed Wolf. I thought if they weren't going to perform it in the opening setlist, it'd be in this one. The song is so dissonant and weird as fuck but it's totally EXO's weird as fuck thing, and I neeeeed to see all those crazy anthropomorphism live. Also that crazy beautiful tree that sways with the beat. They should do more choreography that plays with formation shadows and shapes. They make an amazing entrance!

Section 8:
I am so disappointed that they didn't perform Angel in New York. It's my favorite song from EXO and it's so different and ethereal and hearing Baek sing it live is at the very, very top of my EXO bucket list (yes, even higher than hearing his high notes in El Dorado) because this is what Baek feels like to me. Just something so precious and fragile and otherworldy, you just stop and stare and forget to breathe. His voice, too, brings to a song to another, more more interesting level.

I can't imagine what it would have felt like with the original lineup of Promise and Angel, but I do know that I would have been a sobbing mess. It would have been amazing to have a good communal cathartic cry in front of EXO, regardless of the pain hitting us. I experienced so many feelings during the concert, but I didn't cry, and am pretty sure those last two songs would have been the final kick to boot me over the edge. The concert brought me through a whole range of emotions, but adding crying in there would have completed the entire spectrum from the highest highs to the lowest lows and what a beautiful accomplishment that would have been to experience all at my virgin EXO concert.

I swear someone from the team must have been an avid EXO fan to know exactly what heartstrings to pull when as to leave us most vulnerable and unsuspecting to deliver the swift punch to the gut. This manipulation of emotions and expectations not only worked great in this section, but also for the entire concert.

Finally, I can't thank you enough for actually reading through all my so-called analysis because I am so beginner at this (after all, I've just been inaugurated aka attended a concert), and I'm assuming that if I think long and hard enough about things, there will be an epiphany and I will know everything philosophically about EXO. But you are at yoda-level and it feels like you already know all-things-EXO, and I'm trying to tell an encyclopedia about an entry in itself.

But you still write all those thoughtful comments---agreeing, disagreeing, and questioning everything I write. It really makes writing up this tome so completely worth it, and I learned so much about not only EXO but also you from your embedded insights and perspectives.

And lastly and most importantly,

I love you.
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